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June 27th, 2005

07:06 pm

this came for me today.

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February 16th, 2005

02:47 am - More on the gay penguins at Bremerhaven Zoo
Attempt declared a failure: http://www.ananova.com/news/story/sm_1279583.html?menu=

Penguins allowed to stay: http://www.ananova.com/news/story/sm_1284769.html
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February 8th, 2005

02:00 am - GAY!
A German zoo has imported four female penguins from Sweden in an effort to tempt its gay penguins to go straight

Full story at http://www.ananova.com/news/story/sm_1275591.html

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November 16th, 2004

12:44 am - Penguins in a minivan

I admit i adore Emperor penguins, and am fascinated by their odd habits, mating in the dead of winter, holding their breathfor 22 mintues, 100 feathers per square inch, the males balancing an egg on their feet for three months.

Anyhow, I do this comic, and wanted to put penguins in it, and am going to really try and put relevant information in it about penguins, and thought I'd share. :)

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September 8th, 2004

10:56 am - Animals on the underground
On http://www.animalsontheunderground.com/ , I found this gem (200k)

I'd like that as a t-shirt, but it seems they only print a few animals.
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August 12th, 2004

08:29 pm - Massive Nature
To those who have access to BBC 1, watch the next program this evening. There's a penguin-related program on.

Details at http://www.bbc.co.uk/bbcone/listings/programme.shtml?day=today&service_id=4223&filename=20040812/20040812_2030_4223_13164_30.


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August 5th, 2004

10:50 pm
Hope you enjoy this :D

Poor little penguin,
He's got the flu,
All he ever says is,
Achoo, achoo, achoo.

His feet are all cold,
And his throat's all sore,
And when he tries to speak,
He always seems ignored.

His nose is blocked,
And his cough won't stop,
And he can't think to talk,
Coz his head hurts a lot.

All penguin wants,
Is to go to bed,
And sleep all through,
Where a word isn't said.

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April 30th, 2004

02:23 am - Penguiin comic strip
From a MSN conversation with dineleeeee: Pokey the penguin
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March 24th, 2004

12:53 pm - Penguincam
Found by robinbloke:

What happens if you cross a penguin with a camera?

Scientists have obtained amazing images of penguins interacting with each other underwater by strapping miniature cameras to the flightless birds' backs.

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March 19th, 2004

03:08 pm - yeti sports 3 - seal bounce
you know that penguin likes it really

clicky clicky
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